What Recycling is Doing for Your Bottom Line

At Recycling Associates, we provide you with 24/7/365 access to your account so you can monitor your materials received, tonnage trends, environmental impact, shipments, and payments to measure your progress and optimize your operation.

Our Customer Service team speaks regularly with our customers to analyze your reporting metrics and work with you to improve your recycling experience and maximize your profits.


This screen can be customized using the drop down fields.

  • Materials Recovered: Total tons by grade, location, and dates.
  • Tonnage Trend: Tonnage shipped by week, by location.
  • Environmental Impact Statement: Demonstrates the impact of the recovery by location and dates.
Reporting Dashboard


This screen allows you to see all finalized shipments and can be customized using the drop down fields. Running this for an entire month and exporting to excel will provide the monthly shipping statement.

Clicking on a line item will bring up the full details of the load including any notes or your invoice number.

Reporting Shipping
Reporting Shipping


Displays all loads and the invoice number they were paid on. This invoice number appears in the top right corner of the shipping statement that is included with your check.

Reporting Payments


Displays confirmed pricing and can be sorted by month. Pricing will not appear in the portal until it has been finalized for the month, it will display unconfirmed until then. Click on an order to display linked shipments.

Reporting Orders


Can be customized by date and location using drop down boxes. Displays summary of grade by unit type based. Loads will not appear in the summary tab until finalized.

Reporting Summary

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Industries Served

Recycling Associates provides recycling solutions for a wide range of business recyclable material including Paper & paper products, Plastics, Metal items, E‐Waste, and other waste materials.

If you need a material recycled and don’t see it listed, give us a call.