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The Recycle Associates Partner Program
The Recycle Associates Partner Program is designed to help you expand your customer services and generate profitable revenue by offering our proven, flexible Recycling Services as part of your overall portfolio. Partnering with Recycling Associates is your fastest, simplest and smartest way to offer the widest range of recyclable material management and recycling services. We make it easy to partner with us.

We help you get in and get out of our processing facility – quickly and reliably.
You’ve got a schedule to keep – and we’ll help you keep it. You move in and move out quickly at our reliable processing center (which is conveniently located right off a major highway exit on the Route 3/Everett Turnpike).  We have the space capacity (30,000 square feet) and a 75-foot certified scale with automated printout reporting – so there’s nothing to hold you up and cause delays. Everything is designed to move you in and out, on time and efficiently - just the way you want it.

We’re trustworthy.
Recycling Associates fully recognizes that a successful partnership requires the sharing of customer account names and other details. You need to know that you can trust us to treat your customer accounts with care, courtesy and propriety.

Our primary goal is your satisfaction.
Whether your recycling needs are small, large, seasonal or unpredictable, we can work with you to create a program that meets your needs. We offer a wide array of equipment and services to suit your exact requirements. Whatever type of truck (ex: rollout truck or 100 yard push‐out trailers) or equipment (compactors or balers) you need, we can put together the most cost-effective recycling program for your specific needs and recyclable materials (see our list of acceptable materials).

We are open from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm.
We are dependable and you can always rely on us to process your waste quickly and get you the most revenue for your paper and cardboard.

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