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We work hard to get the most money for your recyclable material.
As a public municipality, you’ve been entrusted to get the maximum benefit for your city/town and its
residents. Recycling Associates is a local business with decades of experience and tight business relationships
that allow us to get the most money for your recyclable material, bringing valuable revenue back to your organization so
that it may help offset operational costs.

We reduce the cost of processing recyclable material.
You’ve got an obligation to manage your public facilities in a manner that is most cost‐effective for your
community. Let Recycling Associates help you build an effective recyclable material program that helps reduce
the cost of processing waste, generate additional revues from valuable scrap paper and materials, consolidate
your vendors, and save valuable storage space.

We have the flexibility to adapt to your processes.
Recycling Associates offers tremendous flexibility to adapt to the processes you’ve already got in place.
Whether your recycling needs are small, large, seasonal or unpredictable, we can help. Because we’re a
family‐owned business that strives for that personal touch, we’ll work with you to create a program that
meets your needs. We offer a wide array of equipment and services to meet your exact requirements.
Whether you need a box truck or trailers, compactors or balers, we can put together the most cost‐effective
recycling program for your specific needs.

We make it easy.
We recognize that you’ve got many priorities and challenges in managing your organization. So we’ve made it
easy to set‐up and implement your own recycling program – designed to meet your specific needs.

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