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Keep your employees and tenants happy – the no‐hassles way.
Recycling Associates provides recycling solutions designed to maintain a clean, safe environment for all
employees or tenants in your facility, and reduce the hassles that stem from complaints or negative
feedback. We’ll make life easier for you in several ways:

We’ll be on time – rely on us.
With Recycling Associates, you won’t have to worry about whether we’ll be there on time. We own our own
trucks. We don’t outsource our pick‐ups using third - party vendors, so that we’re in control.

We’ve got clean equipment that’s easy to use.
Recycling Associates has reliable, clean and well‐maintained equipment to make things easy for you. So if you
need compactors or bailers, for example, we’re ready to help.

We’ve got a wide range of services so you can consolidate vendors.
By consolidating your vendors to Recycling Associates, you’ll further reduce hassles, lower costs and
minimize risks. With one reliable company in charge of your recycling program, you’ll free up time to focus on
other business needs.

We’ll get in and get out – reliably and consistently.
Once we set up your recycling program, you can sit back and relax – and enjoy the peace‐of‐mind in knowing
that Recycling Associates will run your program reliably and consistently. We’ll get in and get out, promptly and efficiently - with minimal disruption and use of your valuable time.

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